News Update on Visitation Bill Status

This March was a very busy month for Kasem Coalition in its efforts to get the Visitation Bill passed. The legislation’s purpose is to prevent the isolation of elderly parents from their grown children, was recently signed into law in Wisconsin by Gov. Scott Walker. Wisconsin joins Utah and Virginia, two states in the nation which also picked up the bill in March. Board members Kathleen Wright-Brawn attorney Troy Martin have been following the efforts of Kerri Kasem, founder of Kasem Cares.
The ruling is critical when it comes to giving children greater power to fight against corrupt or negligent caregivers; this is because the version of the bill passed in Wisconsin allows family members to petition courts directly for access to their loved ones, sparing them the trouble of having to go through a costly trial process in order to attempt to get the same results, a fact highlighted by Kerri: “When you think, oh my gosh, I have to go fight for my parents. I don’t have enough money for a retainer, for a lawyer, much less to go through an entire trial (which can cost upwards of six-figures). Now you don’t have to do that. You can actually petition the court for visitation.” 
Unfortunately, some high-profile cases– including Kerri’s fight to see her father Casey (who was suffering from dementia at the time)– have made legislation like the Visitation Bill absolutely necessary. Improved elderly care, which includes ensuring the visitation rights of grown children in seeing their parent, are among the main focuses of the Kasem Cares Foundation. Continue to check in and stay updated on the fight to get the Visitation Bill passed across the country!

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  • Terrie jones
    April 7, 2016 (11:14 am)

    This is some good news how ever my mother have not seen her diable son going on 21/2 years. Her rights were taken away from her in a status hearing. We have No more money to pay attorneys to do nothing but let the court slander and humiliate us .

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